Word count update #4

Alright! I got somewhere this week! Not a lot done, but more than usual. So, after a lot of fighting with myself and forcing myself to push through the urge to be lazy, I wrote almost 2700 words this week! This maybe chump change to the seasoned…
Holy Jim Canyon

Word count update #3

A little less slackage this week. I am still trying to get over whatever I picked up in Los Angeles. Fever's gone, but this cough just won't go away. It probably doesn't help that I work 10 to 12 hours a day. So, in book news, I got annoyed…
Holy Jim Canyon

Word Count 2 and other updates.

Alright, I am trying not to slack, I really am. Life's just been kicking my ass this year. My car broke down, had to move the RV closer to work till it got fixed, spent almost $300 on an alternator for the car, blew up a battery in the RV trying…