Word Count 2 and other updates.

Holy Jim Canyon

Alright, I am trying not to slack, I really am. Life’s just been kicking my ass this year. My car broke down, had to move the RV closer to work till it got fixed, spent almost $300 on an alternator for the car, blew up a battery in the RV trying to charge it, got into my first car accident with the work vehicle, got into a fight with my boss (completely unrelated to the car accident), can’t get reliable internet at home, the monstrous three’s hit my son pretty hard (kinda like the terrible twos, only worse), and I’ve gotten lawsuit threats twice this year (hey, assholes, I’m broke! I can only do so much. Why do you think you didn’t get your money). But I am making the best of it and trying not to complain about it. You need the bad to appreciate the good, I will make it through and be stronger for it. Plus, it’s a really good motivational tool to get me to work harder on my book.

Speaking of my book, no, I am not keeping with my goal. Not for a lack of trying (see above for excuses), but now that things have calmed down a little, I have been working on my book. I am at 5580 words. So I have gone up a little more than 2000 words since my last post 2 months ago. I might be a little behind on my word goal. I won’t give up though, never! This book is getting finished by the end of the summer!

In other news, I had some pretty serious writers block the other day (I know, already? WTF MAN). I know where I want the story to end, I knew how I wanted it to start, but, that is as far ahead as I thought. So I wrote what I could and then started a new short story. I am less than halfway done with it and I have 2700 words. That brings my total word count for the past two months up to 4700, woot! Go me! That’s like 80 words a day. Stephen King, eat your heart out!

Okay, so my next post WILL be better, I will have no more negativity, no more excuses and most of all, no more two month gaps.

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P.S. The feature photo is of Holy Jim Canyon.