New short story and a word count update!


Again, I am a little late on my update. But, hey! what do you want from me, I have no internet at home. It’s like I live in the stone age. If the stone age was full of RV’s.

Okay, So. Here are my updates:

My book has not made too much progress. I know, I know, I’m slacking again. But, I have a good reason for my slackage! A few weeks ago I got a freelance contract to write a 10,000 word short story, well actually it was suppose to be for eight, 10,000 word stories. Basically, I was writing a whole fucking anthology for the guy for next to nothing. While I was writing the story, Upwork (the site I get freelance jobs through) put the contract on hold so that they could “investigate my client.” This happened twice and I canceled the project. Now, since I canceled the project and have a fully written, first draft, I am going to release it for all of you nice folks when it is done (after I find some beta readers and get it edited, and I will probably revise the shit out of it). I also need to think of a new for the story. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

That’s my update. Short and sweet. 7200 words in less then 3 weeks. I think that just shows my how lazy I’m being with my book and other short story. Someone give me a deadline!

Oh! and if you would like to be a beta reader, please email me below. Thank you!

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