Word count update #4


Alright! I got somewhere this week! Not a lot done, but more than usual.

So, after a lot of fighting with myself and forcing myself to push through the urge to be lazy, I wrote almost 2700 words this week! This maybe chump change to the seasoned professionals, but I am just a wannabe writer… So back off! 🙂

Actually, I wrote closer to 4000 or 5000 words if you count the outline I started to write (figured it might help my get through my writer’s block) and the character profiles I wrote for all the major characters in my book. Character profiles should help me be consistent with my character’s backstory and personality through the entire book.

In related news, I wrote approximately nothing for my short story. Oh well, I’ll get around to it this week.

Anyway, thanks for following me in my novel writing journey 🙂 Hopefully I can build some momentum and get this book to an editor.

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P.s. the feature photo is a tunnel that leads to beautiful Crystal Cove Beach in Newport California.