Word count update 1


The past month my family and I have been working on moving into our RV (You can read about it here and here. They both have the same photo but they are different articles). At any rate, I have not had the time to write, and we are still balls deep in moving. There is a lot that goes into moving into an RV. Like getting rid of all the useless shit you accumulate. Why in the hell did we have 17 sets of dishes (okay, a little exaggerated but still), there is 4 of us, only 3 of us use any dishes.

I think I may be getting away from the point. So, I did do a little writing tonight and got 627 words. Thats not a lot but it gets me a little closer to my goal of 80,000 words. I think I might post the first chapter of the book soon, entice people to stay tuned. Maybe, I haven’t decided.

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