Word count update #3

A little less slackage this week. I am still trying to get over whatever I picked up in Los Angeles. Fever’s gone, but this cough just won’t go away. It probably doesn’t help that I work 10 to 12 hours a day.

So, in book news, I got annoyed with my third chapter, mostly because it was shit. Long story short, I deleted it. Sometimes you just need a fresh start. Because of that I lost about 1000 words. I did rewrite a little of the chapter, I am currently at 4900 words, that’s about 600 words less than a week ago.

My short story is coming along nicely though. I am at 3500 words, that’s almost 1000 more than last week. So really, I just about broke even with my word count. Hopefully my word productivity goes up. Considering all the things I have been battling just to make it here, I think I am doing alright. I am stopping for tonight because I have an INSANE headache and can’t really think straight. I will be back in 1 week to update everyone again!

P.S. If you are interested in beta reading my first chapter than please email me. JAE(at)LOWELLFILMS(dot)COM  make sure to change (at) to @ and (dot) to .  I have to spell it out to keep the spam out of my email.

Oh, feature image is of an abandoned water park in Vernalis California.